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My Photography Journey

Behind my pictures are a collection of exploration selfies that I have been documenting since year 2014 when I bought my very own first camera.

Photography had changed my life in many ways I could've never imagined. I even quit my stable job 2 years back just to pursue this passion where many would label as being insane. Honestly I never thought it would be such an important part of my life doing something with such persistence for so long (more than a decade since I start develop this passion). At this point I am literally eating and breathing photography.

It has taught me how to observe and learn from a different perspective. It has serve as a second eye for me to interpret life. It has become an excuse for me to socialise despite being an introvert. Met countless of awesome people because of it and some of them did change my life. It allows me to capture and treasure memories, express my art. Most importantly it taught me to never give up. Every step forwards means a huge thing to me.

Although it may mean a different thing to you but one thing for sure photography isn't an easy journey. It is acquired through time just like our life, collecting one piece of memory and experience at a time to curate our very own story book.

One wise man once quoted "Photography starts with the making of picture, and it is then, when time is added, that the real alchemy begins."


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