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Doors of Rifle Range

This project aims to document the unique design and characteristics of the doors found in one of the residential blocks at rifle range. The small details to notice in this particular project presentation is how the doors are shot and arranged in a way from bright to dark (top to bottom), representing the actual layout of the building where only a narrow slid is found in the middle of the building to allow light in. Due to this, most buildings on the lower floors are usually always dark. This effect are exaggerated by timing the shoot from blue hour all the way to the morning when the sun rises. It is important to note that the ground floor, generic, modern and over decorated gates are also creatively omitted to maintain the consistency on the theme of the project resulting in only 187 doors presented in this image. Lastly, these images are also arranged in 17 rows representing 17 floors found in that particular block of residential.

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