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Meet Yzhensiang


Yang Zhen Siang is a commercial photographer with a wide range of experience, skillsets and technical approach. He is specialised in architecture, food, beverage, industrial, product and on location work, as well as incorporating environmental and lifestyle elements. Telling stories through the art of photography, his meticulously crafted images help businesses stand out in the competitive market. He believes that in today’s creative landscape, photography is no longer just about visuals. It's about the visual experience and emotion that creates genuine connections and incorporating art into photography is the way forward. His unique image style that evoke powerful moods, showcase lifestyle and sell products has been the main pillar setting him apart from the other photographers.
Photography is now both his profession and passion. Yang’s first encounter with a camera dated back when he was a kid. Since then, he has been determine in building the skillsets necessary to express his art. He has shot commercial assignments since 2015, and been a full time professional since 2019. He was a Finance Analyst by training. He graduated from Tar University College with First Class Honours in Bachelor of Finance & Investments in year 2016 and subsequently left his corporate career in a Multinational Corporation because it simply wasn’t what he wanted to do. Putting his business knowledge, creative experience and attention to details into used, Yang is there to assist his clients from branding, budgeting, creative directions, production and post production of specialised commercial projects. His is able to comfortably and seamlessly work with different briefs and custom narratives to craft the highest quality imagery for his clients.
When Yang is not working on his commercial projects, he spends his time learning about design and architecture as he finds deep connections with the work that he does. To him, architecture is a special and it is something that explains a lot about the design of a culture and a way of life that is non-existence at the current moment yet powerful enough to potentially impact the lives of people.
He also dedicates his time planning and photographing photo series of his hometown George Town, Penang as his passion project which has gained him numerous awards and recognition locally and internationally. Yang’s commercial images has also attracted the eyes in the global platform attracting international clients, local publications and was even published in the Changyu Wine Culture Museum in Shandong, China.
Following his passion towards the love of photography, he has now also ventured into writing and sharing his knowledge, expertise, experience, and point of view as a staff writer for Fstoppers. One of the biggest photography community news website well known globally.
If you are looking for a professional commercial photographer, contact Yzhensiang Photography today to discuss your next campaign.

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