Who is Yzhensiang?

Yzhensiang is a professional commercial photographer specialised in architecture (interior & exterior) & event documentary based in George Town, Penang founded by Mr Yang Zhen Siang. Read more about him here.


His inspiration and believe system?

Often at times, one unique frame through his vision is all it takes to preserve magical moments and to narrate good story. He believes that a photo with details works best in expressing emotion and portraying a message. 


He also dedicates part of his time documenting timeless moments around his homeland with the hope that future generations are able to appreciate the beauty of the historical town. One of his most successful personal documentary project is #100scenesinpenang

Why choose him?

Zhen Siang's work involves a lot of emphasis in getting that unique frame. In order to do so, he constantly pushes his limits and work around with things creatively to develop unique ideas. This ensures that he is able to produce extraordinary frames which stands out from the others.  

His discipline in work ethic throughout the years is proven to be on the right path judging from the consistency in obtaining awards and recognitions worldwide.

His work also receives high appraisal from huge brands by offering him with collaborations and sponsorship. Currently he is working with huge brands such as Samyang Optics Malaysia, Kodakit and Lumio to produce creative contents and share stories about Penang.

He strongly believes that communication is the essential key in achieving highest quality work. Besides, he is also fun to work with, so why not?


Year 2014

- Gold Award - Penang International Photography Awards (PIPA)

- Media publication by The Star Publication, Kwong Wah Yit Poh Publication and several online blogs.

Year 2016-2017

- 4 times consecutive winner for Sony Southeast Asia monthly contest.

- Selected by Federation of Asian Photographic Art and The Sprout Art Station to display his work in the Penangnite Photographic Competition.

- Contributor in videography project "Unseen Malaysia 2.0".

- Photo of Volkswagen was licensed and used internationally under media coverage.

Year 2018

- 2nd place in Sony Alpha Malaysia photo competition.

- 3rd place in Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce Building Photo Contest. 

- Photo selected by Pakatan Harapan Government to be used as Election Campaign image in Penang representing development of state economy. 

- One photo from #100scenesinpenang project was featured all across Instagram community and has successfully gain few hundred thousand tractions putting Penang into the eyes of global street photographers.

Year 2019

- Curated #100scenesinpenang Project featured by media, Penang Foodie and Kodakit.

- Photo selected by Fotografi Jalanan Malaysia, FJM for exhibition in Multimedia University,MMU.

- Selected as content creator for Samyang Optics Malaysia Campaign. 

Year 2020

- Merit prize (Forest & Forest Landscape Category) for Kuala Lumpur Photography Festival MTCC Photography Contest 2020

- 3rd Place in DSLR/Mirrorless Camera Category of Photography and Art Competition Balik Pulau Festival 2020.

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