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Switching back to using point and shoot camera.

For the longest time I can remember ever since I bought my very first own full frame camera in year 2014, I have been carrying either a huge backpack or slingbag to carry my camera and lenses every time I am out for a shoot, travel or just a walk around exploring town. The angel side of me feel contented that I am finally able to buy a decent camera and bring it out for shoots. The devil side of me has a contradicting thought, constantly feeling that it is such a hassle to bring it out. If I am being honest enough, it does sometimes weight me down so much that I am demotivated to even shoot.

The joy of shooting has been seriously declining throughout the years to a point, I no longer feel like bringing out a camera to shoot if there isn't a clear purpose for personal projects or work. Thankfully, I have rekindle the joy of shooting again recently through shooting for a personal project called "The Vignettes of Penang Port and Ferry". I manage to complete the whole project by just shooting with a compact camera (Canon G7x Mark 3) which I have won from the competition.

Being able to shoot with such a small power horse enables me to think out of the box as it did not weight me down that much. No words could express my feeling of excitement and freedom in shooting more than anything now that I did not even need to bring anything with me to document such an important project except for the camera itself. The small and compact size also allows me to reach angles that I normally would not be able to do with a huge camera.

Yes some may argue that if that is the case why not just shoot with a phone. Coming from a background that shoots with phone and compact camera during year 2009 to 2014, I would even agree with them as the compact camera technology back then isn't really that good. Little did I know, the compact camera technology had come so far. In fact more than I would have imagined.

I am not complaining how good a phone camera technology has come in the recent years, but still a camera is still capable of producing way better quality than a phone. (I may be wrong again if someone pass me their iphone 12 Pro or the latest flagship phone). At this point of time, I would still highly recommend for anyone to get a camera if you are being serious about getting quality images out of your work or even just documenting your interesting daily life. It would tragic to be looking back at your memories years down the road only to find out that your photos are just pixelated and blurry.

Disclaimer: This is a nonpaid ad. It is just merely a my own confession after using this camera for 2 weeks.


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