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Rifle Range, Penang

A compact residential area comprising of a total of 9 residential blocks and 3699 residential units, these “pigeon hole” residential blocks are known as Rifle Range Flats. It got its name from the location itself where it was use for target practice back in the 1950s during the British Colonial era. This site was also use as the mass burial ground for the victims of Imperial Japanese Army massacres during World War II.

It is one of the earliest low cost housing development and also one of the tallest residential block in Penang back in the 1970s. None of the units were big but enough to provide shelter for the hardcore poor. Over the years, the condition of those flats deteriorated and eventually become a squalor tho repainted in the recent years have improved its cosmetic outlook.

An Urban Renewal For Rifle Range, Penang design ideas competition has been announced by the Penang Municipal Council on November 2010 for the purpose to get a creative ideas and practical solution in redeveloping an existing housing area into a vibrant, sustainable and well-planned residential and commercial area. The effort of Penang state government to improve the living condition of the Rifle Range Flats continues and hopefully property developer will be keen to make these plans into reality.

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