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Nurture your vision through personal projects

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

If you guys follow me closely on instagram @yzhensiang, you guys may know that I started #100scenesinpenang project on August 2018 and completed it on November 2018. It is a project that aims to shine the unique beauty of Penang with a set of 100 post on Instagram.

The journey towards completing this project felt like eternity, waking up each day thinking what should I post today, where should I shoot today and what kind of photo will best suit the theme. It has pushed me way further than I thought it would go as I already have a library of great photos in Penang.

The initial thought is to post one landscape photo each day for 100 days from my photo library hence the name scenes in the hashtag. Quickly realising it would be meaningless to do so, I have decided to be more committed into this and going out to get new content almost every weekend for close to 3 months.

Throughout this period of time, I was hit with creative plateau multiple times and pushing it through forces me to gain the stamina to keep creating and to be honest, once you gain the momentum, it is very hard to stop. From there I slowly crafted my own vision and soon enough owning them. 

This personal project also allows me to document and review my weekly visual progress, each and every time I am out creating contents, I often think of the ways to see things in a different way, turning everyday places into a unique picture that represents my style. From there sub-conciously, I did also learn some curating skill on how each and every picture stacks up to each other. 

As much as this project helped me in growing. I do not recommend following my path and doing the same project but instead strongly suggest that you set your own goal/project based on your tolerance and passion so that you do not give up that easily. One tips for you to takeaway from this article is to set a countable and far goal (eg: one month, one year, 30 photos.. etc). As the saying goes, you do not want to put a small effort into achieving big things or vice versa.

Lastly, I would like to share with you guys some of the humble and huge achievements that I have gain throughout this projects are my photos being shared throughout Instagram especially by @artofvisuals and a written article by Penang Foodie which put Penang in the eyes of creators which has been sceptical about Penang. So I guess, my goal has been achieved! 

Now its your turn to get it!


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