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Importance Of Knowing Your Needs In Photography Service And How to Maximise The Value Of Photography

After understanding on how the rate system works, we will proceed into discussing the importance of understanding and knowing your needs in photography service before engaging into one. That way you can ensure to maximise the value you are getting in return. To state the obvious, the first step into knowing your needs is to first identifying them.

Identifying your needs of photographing your project.

As widely accessible photography can be, it is still a very specialised service when it comes to engaging a proper professional. The harsh reality is that there is no one size fits for all package where we can apply for every shoot. If well curated, every photography project of yours will be able to amplify the impression of your project towards your target market. Therefore it is only logical to identify your needs before hiring a photographer.

Photography needs can appear very differently, whether you’re looking into curating a high end portfolio for your brand, looking at creating brand awareness or even publishing catalogs of your work. Approaches catering to all these needs can vary quite hugely. With proper communication with your photographer, you will be able to explore the creative capabilities beyond the boundaries within the parameters set upfront. Think of this as the minimum baseline for your photographer to work creatively.

Importance of identifying your photography needs.

After identifying your needs, you will then be able to customised the most suitable approach towards photographing your project. That way you can be sure to curate contents that are targeted towards your market straight off the bat without wasting your effort, time and money going through the process of trial and errors only to realise it was all for nothing.

You may also be able to leverage these information you have for a better content curation as every project is different. Curating content that highlights on their strength, purpose, advantage and outlook. In a way, your will be able to leverage these curated content to broadcast your strength and build your branding over time.

How to maximise value of your photography project

The value of photography itself spreads beyond just getting nice images. As often times photography is the one and only timeless medium for people to visit your project through physical copies. As the saying goes, a project isn't complete until a photographer is there.

That being said, you are able to maximise the photography value you are getting by first knowing your needs, then communicate it to your photographer. Our usual failproof workflow has always been

1) Schedule a meeting to set the creative direction. (Do not be afraid to ask questions, this is where all the brainstorming goes)

2) Plan the contents and moodboard. (Plan ahead, if possible save sample projects outlook that you desire and get advice from the professionals)

3) Fix the number of shots if possible. (Prioritise the important ones, as a photographer can only achieve that much in a day or two)

4) Prepare stylist or styling props. (Hire stylist or prepare props for set styling according to your contents and moodboard)

5) Recce whenever possible before the shoot. (This stage is rather crucial to solve all the physical problems on site and get a run through of the plans on actual site)

6) Be on site during shoot day. (It is important for you to be involved, approve and provide input on site whenever needed to make sure the output is steering towards your direction but also be mindful to leave some creative zone for the professionals to do their creative work)

Hopefully by the end of this article you might find something that is valuable and able to better curate contents for your next photography project.


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