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Difference between e-commerce photoshoot & advertising photoshoot

To understand the difference between both the e-commerce photoshoot and advertising shoot, we first need to understand the usage purpose and goal to be achieved by having the photoshoot.

For e-commerce, usually the goal is just to sell a product and provide a visual context to the customer on the look of the product. They are not created to visually attract potential customers into purchasing them. Therefore, consistency, simplicity and versatility of lighting approach during the photoshoot is key to the deliverables. This is to ensure that production efficiency is achieved as often there will be multiple angles that are needed for a series of products to be shot. One major downside to this approach is often a set of lightings that cannot respond individually to showcase different types of products uniquely.

On the other hand for advertising shoot, the goal is to create visuals that attract customers and showcase the product in their best form visually. Because of this, lighting is usually fiddled with for a very long time until a specific look is achieved. Production like this are the total opposite of an e-commerce shoot, where efficiency is definitely down the drain as setups created this way are practically unusable for the next product. The priority for this setup is to craft the best lighting possible given the parameters from a creative brief.

That being said, there is no one size fits for all package, therefore it is important to know your photography needs so that we could figure out the best approach for your needs. Talk to us today for your next product shoot.


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