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Turning misfortunes to your advantage

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Everyone has a plan until they're punch in the face, says Mike Tyson. I can't agree more to what this quote means. Dissecting it into a simpler form, the punches are the misfortunes that will ruin your perfect plan. Your goal? To be creative and bounce back when punches are thrown at you. Everyone has a different approach when they face misfortunes. In my case, I will always try to utilise them to my utmost advantage. I always believe that the end journey is about how far you've walk not how many punches you throw along the way.

Patience will be the key into achieving that approach. We can't deny that speed is an essential part of our life. Speedy internet, speedy computer, speedy delivery, speedy service, speedy social sharing etc. Most of them are positive, until you have too much of it then comes the negativity. If I must say, we are living in a very negative and discouraging fast pace society, where most things are just about themselves. Since we are constantly pursuing things under this speedy pressure, we tend to lock up our vision and to only see what the brain want us to see or what I would label as the society norm. You need to understand that just because things doesn't go according to your plan, it does not mean total failure. You need to learn how to overcome the fear of failure and learn to look at things from the other side.

Doing and seeing what others do will lead you into a creative common trap where everyone is doing the same thing due to the fear of being left out from the bandwagon. My advice? Slow down, enjoy the moment and look out for the details. Everyday is beautiful if you know where to look. Same goes to the failure you experienced. Be patience, the time for you to shine will come if you persist.


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