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Stay Motivated! How to work on personal projects while having a full time job.

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

A little history of me before pursuing full time in photography career (the so called be your own boss me, it isn't as fancy as it sounds like...), I used to work under finance department as a Treasury Analyst. And to be honest, it wasn't a very stressful job but rather a demanding one. Being mentally exhausted everyday after work, how did I manage to keep a balance between having a demanding job and stay committed towards personal projects.

There is no secret formula for my persistent here but rather just a mindset. Before you start a personal project try asking yourself, do you really want it? If yes, why ask how? From my observation, everyone wants things that they don't have but in order to get what you want, you have to want it really badly and ask yourself what are you willing to sacrifices, be it your chill time, gaming time, hangout time, etc. We all have the same amount of time each day. Set your priorities and you will get what you prioritised.

Personally I feel really guilty for not being productive and I have to work/learn during my free time in order to feel good. Yes, I am tired all the time but I would rather be tired growing each day than looking back 30 years down the road seeing all those goal I once dream becoming a distance memory (probably due to alzheimer). Not to forget, it is important to have big goals to strive for, it is less important for us to achieve those goals but rather the person we become in pursuing those goals. Enjoy the process and know that growth is your ultimate reward, not the destination.

Most people are distracted into trading long term goals for short term rewards. There's this one saying from a wise man. Life is long, but the amount of time we have to achieve something is short. If you work hard now, you will have the rest of your life claiming the reward you have planted. If you spread out the work, you will realise one day that you have nothing to claim and have not move any further. So find the things you love and start doing it. Also stop giving yourself excuses to procrastinate. Only you can help yourself to stay motivated!


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