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Penang so special meh?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

When you talk about Penang. The first thing that comes in mind is food! And just recently trendy cafes are also claiming their piece of the pie in making their way to the headlines. As a full time professional commercial & event documentary photographer and a penangnite. I can't stress how important the authenticity of Penang's culture is to me. But one thing for sure, it has a very deep place in my heart and soul.

Even though I am working as a full time professional photographer shooting mostly architecture, weddings and events. It hasn't stop me from constantly putting my expertise into documenting & preserving the Penang that I can remember through my vision. As I always say, a photo with details that express emotion are the best to replace thousand word essay. At least that is what I am good at doing.

From my observation, ever since George Town, Penang gain its UNESCO World Heritage status. It has started to attract many tourist into our homeland which to me it is a very good news. But I am having a love and hate relationship for this. Some part of me wish that Penang should remain low profile as I remembered years back when I was a kid. Everything was so calm and quiet. Every piece of heritage preserve its "taste" in it. Not to say that having the status is bad as it brings in more funds into our state to boost the economy. It's just getting too much these days at least in my opinion where it is slowly loosing its "taste".

After all, that is just so much I can do with my picture and words. Creating interesting visuals and sharing interesting facts about Penang to my viewers. The bigger effort of preserving the Penang "taste" still goes to George Town Festival and Penang International Food Festival Community. They have been organising huge scale events annually to raise awareness, educating and preserving the Penang culture/"taste" while still keeping things interesting to attract mass audience.

I do believe together we can make this Penang to be a better place while keeping its culture!

Check out more on penang visuals at my instagram.


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