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Are you presenting your business well?

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Do you ever recall looking at an ad about spicy fried chicken from McDonald's in the middle of the night and your stomach start growling, saliva gland starts doing its work and your brain starts playing trick. Out of sudden you are now feeling hungry. But are you really? or are you just merely tempted by that ad? We are currently living in the digital media age and I cant stress enough how important good visuals are in representing your business. Visuals is what people look at the first glance and start squinting their eyes judging your business. So here comes the ultimate question. Are your photos doing a good enough job presenting your business? Unique enough to stand out from the crowd? Is it even doing the job of selling your business for you? Or do you still have to speak for your photo?

Let's do some quick exercise, take a look at the above photo and ask yourself, which portrays a better message? If you own this business, which photo would you prefer to be used to advertise and represent your business?

At this point of time, you guys might still be thinking a photo is still just a photo. Why would I want to spend money on hiring a professional to do their job while I can just shoot with my phone. If you are that type of person, I will not try convince you further but to let you know its an investment not a spending.

A good visual not only represents the photographer's vision but it is able to perform marketing for you. In short communicate your value and message to the customers. It might seems like an easy job, but it takes more than just pressing that shutter button. It is a combination of right styling and consistency to successfully tell a business story and create alignment across your business brand. Besides, a good image is also capable to capture customers' attention quicker than you're able to speak or write. Just think back at how you quickly you fill your wishlist with so many travel destinations. Image of those beautiful scenery in those locations is what appears to be planted in your brain resulting from another successful ad.

For those of you who have reach this point of this article, I assume that you are somewhat convinced to get a photoshoot from a professional for your business. So here are some Guidelines for you to takeaway before engaging with any photographer.

1) Start building your inspiration folder of the styles you like. Save things that appears to be attractive to you. Then look back at your folder to see if there is a consistent style that attracts you. Pinterest is a good way to start.

2) Determine if the style suits your business. You can't be wanting transformer style visual on your green and calm cafe right?

3) Compile a list of content which you think might work best conveying the right message for your business. Eg: products, process, workers, interiors.. etc

4) Try to look up for local photographers that suits your needs and follow them on Instagram/Facebook. Look at how they work with things. Is their work ethic good?

5) Engage with them and communicate your message! Communication is always the key! Tips: Be as clear as possible.

Bam! Now you have got yourself a set of good photographs to represent your business. If you still unsure of what to do, feel free do drop me a message. I will try my best to help you along. (If that is still not clear enough, you are getting a free consultation session with me!)

So share it with your business friends if you find it useful for them. Thanks for your time!


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