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Things getting mundane? Pushing through it!

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

I used to be a loyal "landscape" photographer when I got my very own first camera, tripod is a must everywhere I go. But living in a tropical island, there is just this much that you can achieve in this genre of photography. So I asked myself back then, is this really my passion or did I just hide under my comfort zone unwilling to try new things? How do I see things differently from others?

There is a hidden desire in me all this while wanting to try new things, urging to get that creativity out to develop my own vision. But again, I am always stuck within my own thoughts. You may ask why?

Constant creating and same daily routine making things boring and mundane which you will end up losing all creativity, desire and passion to create new things. Lucky enough for me, I push through things really hard, most of the time alone. I was lucky to have some guidance from my sensei which guided me in any way with a few wise words not just in photography but also in life.

So how do you really push through things? By practicing? I don't think so, at least in my humble experience.

Throughout these years of struggling, here is what I have discovered. To break through things, you need the right attitude not just in photography but even in life, be daring to execute/try out new things, persistent to keep it going and discipline enough to do it without relying on others!

We commonly ask ourself too much question and give ourself way too much excuse before getting started. We have this habit of wanting to know everything before we even start doing things. Question is, do we really need to know everything? I would say instead of waiting for answers to come, try doing it and figuring it out at the same time.

Here is a wise cliche saying to take away from this article.

Just do it!


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